上海驿曼传动设备有限公司主要生产Relay品牌联轴器,公司有着丰富的传动产品生产经验,已成为国内联轴器市场的佼佼者,并成为公认的联轴器产品及其它动力传输产品的最佳供应商。先进的产品设计理念 , 能根据客户不同场合传动需要 , 设计产品来满足工作状况。我们对现有的产品进行有目的的深度开发,并构思新型的用户化的传动方案。我们有着一流的生产设备,现代化的高科技生产装备使产品的质量得到了保证。完善的质量管理体系,并获得DIN ISO9001 质量认证。我们的工程师一直在努力致力于为您提供更高质量,更高效能的动力传输产品。
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  Shanghai Relay Man Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. is a sale of foreign multinational companies in China.Germany ondrives company has decades of experience in transmission products, has become an international market leader in the coupling industry and become a recognized power transmission coupling products and other products of the best suppliers. Advanced product design, drive on different occasions according to customer needs, design products to meet the working conditions. Our existing products are purpose-depth development and the idea of new users of the transmission scheme. We have a first-class production equipment, modern high-tech production equipment so that product quality is guaranteed. Sound quality management system, with DIN ISO9001 quality certification. Our engineers have been working hard to provide you with higher quality, higher efficiency of power transmission products.
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成品仓库:我们有为您开好预制轴径的常规产品 , 您的订单下达 , 即时将我们的产品送达至您的现场。
  We have an excellent logistics warehouse management, inventory capacity of a certain size, modern ERP management system, efficient market reflect and provide more efficient service.
Import Warehouse: regular conventional products imported from abroad can also be customized according to your requirements abroad.
Finished product storage: we have provided you a good job of pre-aperture product, your order issued, our products will be delivered immediately to your site.
  We strive for product quality, continuously improve product quality system, strict control of product flow. We must continuously improve product quality and perfect service system, to ensure products meet and exceed customer requirements. Advanced manufacturing and testing equipment is an important guarantee of quality, flexible automated production to reduce production costs, shorten production cycle.
  High quality. ----- Excellent service is our goal!

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